Profile: David Rodgers of Battleground Records, Godhunter, Feral Tongue, Southwest Terror Fest and Laconic Creations

David Rodgers Battleground Records
 David Rodgers has been rolling around in the muck of the music industry for long enough to know better. Whether it’s playing in bands (Godhunter, Feral Tongue), organizing Southwest Terror Fest, working at 1709 Records, running and building things with Laconic Creations (which is some beautiful stuff) or working to get the best promotion possible for his bands, he’s not one that’s afraid to get his hands dirty. And, as you can see, as a guitarist, those hands are his livelihood. And with the upcoming release of Eight Bells on his Battleground Records label, what better time than the present to sit down and learn a bit more about the guy behind the guy behind the label.