CANTO: Taake, Argus, Eyehategod, and More

eyehategod band photo

2/27/2018. I’m halfway through the week. I guess that’s good.

  • Eyehategod have announced a March tour with Cro-Mags and Buzzov*en. Could be fun, but I’ll probably miss this one.
  • Another tour! (I’m being lazy today.) Armored Saint with Act Of Defiance. July and August. United States of America. Moving on.
  • Not sure if you’ve seen those Taake shows being canceled due to (mostly) Hoest’s idiocy that dates back to 2007, but the tour looks to be canceled entirely. I’ve seen Taake a couple times and they didn’t suck. That said, this is gonna happen when you implement questionable imagery and lyrics, regardless of how many apologies are made.
  • Argus have released a video for “Devils Of Your Time”. This one was taken from the album, From Fields Of Fire, which dropped last September.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– cmb

Concert Review: Taake, Young And In The Way, and Vattnet Viskar (February 20, 2016)


Finally, Taake has begun their first North American tour. An occurrence many years in the making kicked off this past Saturday night in Boston, and there was no way Nine Circles wouldn’t be involved. Of course, this was not the first Taake show here in the United States — we had seen them at Maryland Deathfest a few years prior. But as for tours? This was 23 years in the making. But not due to lack of effort… we all remember the visa issues from last year that forced them to postpone such a tour. Luckily enough, things worked out this time around and we were treated to a tremendous performance by the Norwegians. And the three opening acts? Just as impressive. Continue reading

Album Review: Taake – “Stridens Hus”

The first time I gave Taake’s new album Stridens Hus a chance, I was having a bad day at work and very bored. Fifteen minutes in, that boredom had not relented. How could I have such a strong dislike for this album on first listen? Maybe it was because my headphones were malfunctioning; perhaps losing the left-side of the audio was clouding my judgment and rational thought? Maybe I was just an anger filled jock who hadn’t gotten laid in a while—probably the most dangerous animal on earth—and was feeling the need for an explosive physical confrontation with another male species.

Whatever the reason was, I was wrong about Stridens Hus and I can admit that now. While it’s not the best work they’ve ever put out—and it doesn’t necessarily move the band forward as much as you might hope—it’s a solid record with all of the classic genre-blending you can expect from a band this talented. Continue reading