Rainbows in the Dark: Profile Edition – Trestan Matel


While Nine Circles is naturally geared toward the heavier musical happenings around the world, we have traditionally chosen Sunday to cast a wider net. Normally, this has simply been in the form of a review of an album that caught our attention external from our standard periphery. This Sunday, however, rather than review another album, we instead are proud to feature up and coming musician Trestan Matel. Originally based in New Hampshire, Trestan now works out of greater Los Angeles. His music is best defined as indie, with significant rock and folk influences. His debut album, Little Whiles, dropped last May and he recently released a new music video for the song “From Afar”, which I have linked below. He’s also a genius and a human of the world. To that point, Trestan was gracious enough to answer our series of profile questions, so check out his responses after the jump while spinning his debut over at Bandcamp (also linked after the jump). Continue reading