Album Review: Jordablod – “Upon My Cremation Pyre”


It’s always an interesting experience when what you think an album will sound like and what it actually sounds like end up being vastly different.  When I took the promo for Jordablod‘s debut album, Upon My Cremation PyreI thought based on the logo, promo pictures, and label associated with them, I had this band pegged for that ugly blackened death metal that is commonplace now.  Not that I would have minded if that were true, but I think the fact that Upon My Cremation Pyre was almost the opposite of what I was expecting contributed a lot to why I love this album as much as I do.  The sense of having the rug pulled out from under me made me appreciate all the unique touches the band puts here even more. Continue reading

Album Review: Versifist – “Cipher” (EP)


Versifist sees the benefit of one of the most unholy unions between underground metal labels in history with Vault of Dried Bones and Iron Bonehead Productions releasing their latest EP, Cipher. Clearly metal loves its analog and if you haven’t fallen back in love with a virtual treasure chest of underground metal on analog that’s been released over the past few years, take your Slipknot CDs and flush them down your cesspool of a toilet. Versifist plays black/death metal that romps, gallops, then blasts to levels of melody and musicianship few bands can milk from the strings of a guitar, beat out of a solid drumkit, bludgeon with the basso profundo magic of a six-string bass guitar. Only Versifist’s second EP thus far, Cipher is a great two-song soundtrack to your melatonin-filled days and reverie-laden nights. Hail Satan. Hail Versifist.

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Album Review: Black Cilice – “Nocturnal Mysticism” (EP)

Black Cilice - Nocturnal Mysticism

The time that has passed between the second wave of black metal’s earliest manifestations and the evolution of the black metal template leading to new forms has been genuinely exciting to behold. Once, black metal as a genre manifested itself closely by resembling styles that took in a smaller degree of other elements. It has now incorporated a variety of more disparate elements to create several iterations of the genre no longer closely aligned with second wave black metal. This has largely been a triumph for bands who wished to branch out and expand said template. Perhaps a disgust of playing the same iteration over and over and the collective docility of bands that aimed to continue to play true to the genre’s roots led to a free-falling of the genre as we knew it. Bands like Black Cilice stay true to the first forms of second wave if nothing else. But, there is more to the necro production that Black Cilice uses to its contemporary uniqueness on Nocturnal Mysticism.

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Album Review: Heavydeath – “In Circles We Die”

Heavydeath - In Circles We Die

The importance of, and the tone set by, doom metal’s progenitors cannot be overstated. Bands like Black Sabbath and Pentagram set a precedence that many would follow, imitate, and emulate. Sweden’s Heavydeath stick to this undeniably effective early template of doom metal on their second full length In Circles We Die. However, the band are no imitators. Rather, they take that slow, heavy template and expand upon it in such a way that the sounds emanating from their work is quite possibly some of the heaviest in the pantheon of today’s death inspired doom metal.  Continue reading

Receiving the Evcharist: Verberis and Dragonstooth Stout

Receiving the Evcharist

Hello again and welcome to another edition of Receiving the Evcharist. Hopefully another week has gone by smoothly for all of you. Me, on the other hand, it’s been a long and patience testing week, and it’s only Wednesday night as of this writing. With that in mind, I decided to go heavy and dark to match my mood. So, let’s jump into it. The Metal: Verberis’ Vexamen.  The Booze: Elysian Brewing Company’s Dragonstooth Stout. Continue reading