Throwback Thursday: Ozzy Osbourne – “Killer of Giants”

Ozzy Osbourne - Killer of Giants

Earlier this month Ozzy Osbourne turned 67 and whether you love him or not he has amassed quite a career that has been a huge influence throughout metal. He began by blazing a trail with Black Sabbath before moving on to his solo career, which is still active. Of course there’s the ill-fated reality show and I’m just going to leave it at that. Anyway, I’ve got several favorites from his body of work in the eighties but for this tbt I’m taking a look back at the highly underrated “Killer of Giants”. Continue reading

Quickies: Immortal’s “Battles in the Court,” AC/DC Hits No. 3 and more

We’re late with this one, because…snafu? But anyway, it’s Quickies time! Let’s see what we missed in the metal world today:

Always good to see/hear new stuff from the boys down under. Anyway, that’ll do it for now. Check back tomorrow for Episode 32!


Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up.