The Nine Circles ov… Wolves in the Throne Room


Since the mid-2000’s, Nathan and Aaron Weaver have been creating some of the most important music in my collection. As one who appreciates black metal for its introspective or meditative qualities, Wolves in the Throne Room have consistently delivered something memorable from one album to the next in both musicianship and lyrical content. It becomes a very personal listening experience and one I take rather seriously. Over five studio albums spanning the past decade, their organically complex take on music resonates with an audience long after the sounds have ended.  Continue reading

Album Review: Sabbath Assembly – “Sabbath Assembly”

Sabbath Assembly - Sabbath Assembly

Since Sabbath Assembly‘s inception six years ago they have released four full-lengths with the purpose of performing the hymns of the Process Church of the Final Judgement. Each release has been marked by mixes of acoustic passages and gospel tinged instrumentation which is what makes this fifth album, Sabbath Assembly, such a departure. Along with shedding the Processian ideas and going with original material, the band leans heavily on traditional heavy metal to create a sound that, at times, sounds bigger than ever thought possible. Continue reading