Stage Dive: What Actor or Actress Would Make a Good Metalhead?

Little bit late in the day for this, but hey…these things happen when you’re not a full-time blogger. Before we start this post off, I’ve gotta say: so far, I think I’m doing okay on the whole, covering-everything-while-Corey’s-in-Germany front. Well, three days in, at least. We’ll see if/how that holds up over the next, oh…12. Anyway, it’s Wednesday, and you all know what that means–it’s your turn to weigh in on an all-new Stage Dive topic. This week, let’s focus on this question:


Mark Wahlberg doesn’t count. Neither does Tom Cruise.

As you might have guessed from the caption I gave that image from Rock Star, merely selecting an actor or actress who’s played a metalhead of some sort is unacceptable. I will probably shun you if you do so. No, for this question, let’s focus on the actor or actress themselves–any inherent physical qualities, attitudes…hell, I’ll even take non-music-related character choices into consideration here. Who out there in Hollywood just screams metal to you? Well for me, it’d be Jason Momoa.

You might know Momoa from his roles in Stargate: Atlantis or the remake of Conan the Barbarian, or more notably, his work as Khal Drogo in the HBO juggernaut Game of Thrones. And despite the inherent metallicness of a character christened by Arnold Schwarzenegger who walks around looking like he belongs on the cover of Manowar’s Anthology, it’s that last role to which I want to draw your attention in explaining my decision. Let’s just recap here: as Khal Drogo, Momoa gets to: A. bang and impregnate the Mother of Dragons; B. fight the occasional duel to defend his honor; C. vow revenge against an entire kingdom for an attack on his wife, and most importantly, D. KILL A MAN BY POURING MOLTEN GOLD ONTO HIS SKULL!

(And, okay, E. walk around looking like he belongs on the cover of Manowar’s Anthology.)

All things considered, if that’s not one completely badass recipe for a Ronnie James Dio-esque heavy metal wet dream, I don’t really know what is.  And when you factor in Momoa’s real-life long-hair-and-tattoos look, dude’s got metal written all over him. Maybe power metal, based on his role choices, but metal all the same. Coming up, he’s been rumored for the role of Aquaman in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman and Justice League movies, which is good, because as we all know…fish don’t gots no good metal to listens to.

Now it’s your turn. Make sure to share your responses in the comments section, and check back later on for Quickies!


Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up.