Receiving the Evcharist: Magic Circle and Piper Down Scottish Ale

Receiving the Evcharist

Welcome to another weekend beer and metal pairing. This week’s offering is a celebration of both the old world and the new: a beer brewed in a traditional English style in the new world and a band that carries the sounds of traditional metal into the present day. Let’s get into it.  The Metal: Magic Circle’s Journey Blind.  The Beer: Ballast Point’s Piper Down Scottish Ale.    Continue reading

Album Review: Magic Circle – “Journey Blind”


However motivated it may be by irony, nostalgia, or a mix of both, it’s hard to deny that that the “retro renaissance” in metal—whether in doom, death, thrash, or traditional heavy metal—has produced some noteworthy material from bands who aren’t just flogging the corpse of yesteryear. One such outfit is Magic Circle. After making waves with their self-titled 2013 debut, the Boston-based quintet return with sophomore effort Journey Blind, an album that, while definitely not earning points for originality, is still a fun, engaging, and catchy amalgam of traditional doom metal, NWOBHM, and hard rock. Continue reading