Album Review: Massacre — “Resurgence”

Massacre - Resurgence

When approaching Resurgence, the new album from death metal vets Massacre, there’s many different ways to take it in: forget history and receive it as part of today’s old school death metal resurgence. Or, you can take it as an extension of the band’s legacy: does it live up or exceed expectations? The former is easier, but not as dramatic. The latter is a challenge. How do you compare it to From Beyond, as an absolute masterpiece that helped shape the genre into what it is today. It forces comparisons to an album that has no comparison.

Either way you slice the skull, Resurgence is a beast from a band that knows all too well how to make great death metal albums.

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Retrospective: Massacre – “From Beyond”

massacre from beyond

Released this month in 1991, Massacre’s full length debut, From Beyond, came out at a time when the death metal scene — and particularly the Florida scene — was bursting at the seams. Bands like Death, Immolation and Atheist all dropped new albums that year, and both genre stalwarts and quite a few up and comers found ways to make noise that year. Massacre had been around since 1984 as a heavy thrash band, but once Kam Lee came aboard, the band veered firmly into death metal. And the rest, as they say, is history. Continue reading

Album Review: Bone Gnawer – “Cannibal Crematorium”

Bone Gnawer - Cannibal Crematorium

Take a look at this album cover. I’ll give you three guesses as to what genre this album is. Since its inception, death metal by and large has always been about blood, gore and all sorts of unsavory things, and on their second full length, Cannibal Crematorium, transatlantic terrors Bone Gnawer absolutely go for the jugular. Everything here—from the hellish artwork to the gory song titles and the throwback, Florida-by-way-of-Sweden sound—makes this a journey through a ’90s death emporium. Continue reading