Album Review: King Woman – “Created in the Image of Suffering”


Bay Area by-way-of NYC musician Kristina Esfandiari is building quite a name for herself these days. Whether you know her from the fuzzed-out doom of King Woman, or from her softer solo work in Miserable, there’s a good chance you’ve listened to her distinctive voice, even if you haven’t realized it. Now it’s time for that wave of recognition to reach a new peak with King Woman’s debut full length Created in the Image of Suffering, which sees the band double down on the heaviness and melancholic beauty of their past body of work.   Continue reading

Rainbows in the Dark: Miserable – “Uncontrollable”

Kristina Esfandiari is not only the voice behind the lovely and forlorn King Woman (and a one-time member of Whirr). She also has been working hard on her solo project, Miserable. Her voice is effortless, airy and full of depressive beauty. Her work with Miserable is not merely, as the name suggests, mono-dimensional sadness. Rather, Miserable creates a depressive and emotional landscape using minimalist instrumentation, layered vocals, plenty of reverb and Kristina Esfandiari’s best weapon: her incomparable voice. And the debut LP, Uncontrollable is a majestic undertaking of emotional depth and fortitude. Continue reading