Album Review: Gloria Morti – “Kuebiko”

gloria morti kuebiko cover

Bands change. That’s just a fact of life. Especially when a band, such as Gloria Morti, have been around since 1999. Across their now symmetrical career, Gloria Morti have releases five demos and five full-lengths. The band has always been a sort of melodic death metal. But for their new release Kuebiko, the band drops the melody and goes all in on death. Influences (all the big ones) are apparent with Immolation, Suffocation, Incantation and a touch of Morbid Angel figuring hard in the mix. Ultimately, Kuebiko is an attempt at a new direction; a journey down a darker road than previously traveled. The album is, however, largely, a flat experience. Perhaps a bit more aggression, grime and sludge might be necessary for Gloria Morti to make the transition they were envisioning. Continue reading