Into the Grave: Type O Negative

So, here we are again, looming into February/March of 2019 already.  After I had the pleasure of writing the first run of Into the Grave, I got the chance to do it again for this month.  So I had to think: ‘who else do I really want to dig into and talk about?, who else dredges up those metallic memories so deep that their discography causes confliction?’  Then, like a bolt of lightning striking that fabled clock tower in Back To the Future, it came to me:  Type O NegativeContinue reading

The Horns Up Top 10: Type O Negative

Type O Negative band

For this week’s Top 10, I’ve chosen to write about one of my all-time favorite bands: Type O Negative. “Type O” is well known for late frontman Peter Steele, a strapping, six-foot six-inch human being who once posed fully-erect in Playgirl. (I shared this fact with my friend Paul who quickly quipped, “Bro, Peter Steele is always fully erect. His blood and semen is the formula for Viagra.”) Always in the public eye, Peter Steele was also a guest on the Jerry Springer Show where he spoke about his interactions with groupies.

Lost in those stories is the fact that Type O Negative is arguably the greatest gothic metal band of all time—a band that could be from no other place than New York City, and a band that was full of humor and the uncanny ability to poke fun at the very thing their music claimed to hold so dear. So with that, let’s get into the playlist: Continue reading