Demiser’s Demiser the Demiser on their upcoming album “Through the Gate Eternal,” the intense need to get out and tour, album art and a mascot, working with Damian Herring, and so much more!

Demiser, a blackened thrash band from South Carolina, may need a slight introduction now but when their debut full length Through the Gate Eternal drops, introductions will be a thing of the past. The band revels in its classic take on heavy metal but excels in its fresh ideas on how to push their brand of blackened thrash further than ever thought possible. I recently chatted with vocalist Demiser the Demiser about the upcoming album and how it came to be, their absolute need to get out of the house and tour on this thing, how Covid switched up their plans, their band mascot and how that came to be, how their bad ass album artwork came to fruition and the insane merch that will be available to those with a quick trigger finger, how working with Damian Herring came to be, and much more. Based on this conversation, it’s easy to see how true and real the band stays to the heart of metal in general and with the contents of the upcoming album, it’s easy to see that the band will no doubt be the breakout of 2021. Trust us on this piece of info and get in on the ground floor. 

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