Album Review: Mgła – “Exercises in Futility”


Of all the conceptual themes that form the subject matter of the black metal universe, one of the more intriguing is that of nihilism. The stylistic musical elements of the genre lend themselves naturally to empty bleakness of these beliefs. Long using such topics as inspiration, Mgła has come forth in 2015 and released their most impressive work to date in Exercises in Futility, escalating them to the pinnacle of the black metal world. Continue reading

Album Review: Myrkur – “M”

Myrkur - M cover

Barely a year after Myrkur‘s outrage-catalyzing debut EP, the Danish folk/black metal project is on the brink of releasing its first album. Carrying the modest title M, this new release sends us through 11 tracks and clocks in at 36 minutes. Contrary to what this running time might suggest, Myrkur succeed in fleshing out some of the unpolished ideas which stood at the basis of last year’s EP. At the same time, M‘s 36 minutes are also enough to lay bare the shortcomings which have marred the band’s material from the outset.  Continue reading

Album Review: Legion of Andromeda – “Iron Scorn”

Legion Of Andromeda - Iron Scorn

Tomorrow, Legion of Andromeda will be releasing their debut full-length, Iron Scorn, on Crucial Blast — you know, the same label in league with Gnaw Their Tongues and Theologian. So right off the bat, you know to expect something a bit off-the-beaten-path but nonetheless extreme. And while the Tokyo duo does indeed deliver a hypnotic, industrialized blend of death-doom, there’s not really enough range in the album to hold your attention for very long. Continue reading