Album Review: Vildhjarta — “måsstaden under vatten”

They say good things come to those who wait, and while it’s true that, despite the culture we live in, delayed gratification is more often than not the sweeter option, there are a couple of notable examples in the music world of the wait not quite being worth it, to say the least.  Chinese Democracy surely takes the cake, but (at least in this writer’s humble opinion) Fear Inoculum deserves a mention in the “did it really live up to the hype” category.  What, then, of a band like Vildhjarta, who so dramatically changed the game with their debut Måsstaden and then, besides an EP in 2013, remained suspiciously silent until now, with the long-awaited release of måsstaden under vatten?  I guess the answer to that question depends on what you’re expecting.

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