Exhumed’s Matt Harvey on their new album “To The Dead” and much more!

Death, gore, zombies, chainsaws, horrors of all sorts; these are all topics Exhumed have covered over their thirty plus years of existence and across a multitude of releases. The latest of which, To The Dead, finds these deathgrind masters as blood soaked as ever. You’d think that in that many years there might be misstep or something just out of place, but this isn’t the case as every single album is better, and more destructive, than the last. Buke recently sat down with split guitarist and vocalist, and founding member Matt Harvey as they cover the new album and how it came to be as well as some band history, juggling tons of projects, and so much more. We now bring you this conversation in its entirety so grab your beverage of choice, a seat or a coffin lid, and enjoy. 

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Album Review: Gruesome – “Savage Land”

Gruesome Savage Land

Back in the day, Chuck Schuldiner and Death singlehandedly changed the landscape of heavy music forever—particularly across their first three releases, which remain highly influential on countless death metal bands and artists to this day. That’s where Gruesome comes in. We’ve seen them tackle covers of early Death material with ease on the highly regarded Death to All tours, but their debut full-length Savage Land introduces original material to the mix, creating their own vision to celebrate and pay homage to this era in time. This album piqued my curiosity when it was announced and, ultimately, ended up delivering on its promise. Continue reading