Album Review: Beastwars – “IV”

Beastwars - IV

Sometimes life kicks you in the teeth. Sometimes it kicks you again when you are down. Sometimes it keeps kicking you and you have to fight. Sometimes that fight manifests in an album like Beastwars’ IV — raw, ragged, angry, revelatory, and uncompromising. Sometimes it results in needing an album like IV without knowing it.

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Album Review: Beastwars – “The Death Of All Things”

Beastwars - The Death of All Things

Beastwars is one of those bands that unfairly hasn’t gotten their due, however with their noise informed and rock inspired third full length The Death Of All Things hopefully this will change. Just to be clear, the band have not underwent a seismic shift from their sludgy and muscular past. But this album leans heavily on melody and emotions, and really with the albums title it’s almost expected. If you’re already a fan of the band this album will not disappoint and if you’re just discovering them, now is a fantastic time to jump in. Continue reading