Album Review: Deathwhite — “Grey Everlasting”

I often forget how vast the doom metal genre really is.  I fall into my favorite sub-sets, get comfortable, and forget to explore.  Many bands fit under the doom umbrella but move in all sorts of directions and styles.  One direction I have not dived too deeply into is melodic doom.  Deathwhite‘s latest album Grey Everlasting seemed like the perfect place to plunge a little further.  This band has been established now for ten years, so I would say they have some expertise in the genre.  With two amazing full-length releases under their belt, Grey Everlasting marks the third and quite possibly the best yet from the quartet.

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Album Review (ICYMI): Hinayana – “Endless”


Released back on August 28th, 2014, Endless was a debut demo from Hinayana that I’m willing to bet slipped through the cracks for many, including myself until just recently. Based in Austin, TX, Hinayana is a project born from the mind of Casey Hurd, who is responsible for the writing and recording of all songs. A sound best described as doom metal delivered with melodic prowess is able to keep an audience captivated throughout this impressive debut.

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