The Nine Circles ov…Cradle of Filth

I first discovered Cradle of Filth via the temporary resurrection of Headbanger’s Ball in 2003, when their video for “Mannequin” was in heavy rotation. This catchy yet creepy song stuck with me and helped me remember the band when I started getting more into black metal the following year, picking up the Lovecraft and Witch Hearts compilation and getting thoroughly hooked. “But they’re not really black metal, what are you talking about?!” Ah yes, I understood early on how controversial the band was within black metal circles. They, along with Dimmu Borgir and Satyricon, had achieved some crossover mainstream success in the mid-2000s. And thus this leads us into my Nine Circles ov…Cradle of Filth. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Cradle of Filth – “Midian”

cradle of filth - MidianCertain bands in heavy metal have always coerced listeners into making up their minds. At some point, all of us have encountered a band that we couldn’t stay “in the middle” about; we either loved them or hated them — no middle ground. Even today, Cradle of Filth is one such band. Always over the top and tongue-in-cheek, the English outfit have always separated the casual listeners from the diehards. Their 2000 album Midian isn’t their best in their long discography but is an important milestone in their career. Continue reading