Album Review: Nekus — “Death Nova Upon the Barren Harvest”

Come drudge through the mucky waters of the death doom cave with Nekus and their debut record Death Nova Upon the Barren Harvest.  Hailing from Germany, Nekus is a talented trio of faceless, nameless beings, proving their expertise in the hybrid genre and making it their own.  This four-track, 28-minute-long “mini album” is the perfect introduction to this new band and their unique, gritty, and haunting approach to metal. Continue reading

Nine Circles ov… Re-Issues (the 2015 Edition)

2015 saw plenty of reissues. Nearly fifty by my count. And, because most websites are dying for new content and clicks, many of those albums went unnoticed. We covered a few but, much like the fate of other sites,we weren’t able to adequately cover them all. In some cases, the reissues were merely previously self-released albums getting a look on an actual label. At other times, historic albums were getting remastered and re-issued giving fans a chance to get to know their favorite works better. So today we take a look at the Nine best reissues from 2015. None of these albums made my year end list so it’s going to be a nice way to give some recognition to labels and PR folks who work their tails off trying to remind people these albums are fantastic. And, yes, these will be ranked. Continue reading

Album Review: Necromancy – “Ancient Wrath” (Re-Issue)

Necromancy - Ancient Wrath

To followup on the earlier review of Cemetery Lust’s re-issue of Screams of the Violated, I think it’s about time to cover the more obscure work from Necromancy. Ancient Wrath is an MLP recorded by Necromancy in 1991 and until now has yet to see the light of day. The band was only active from 1986 to 1992 due to guitarist/vocalist Living Dead dying from a heart attack. RIP Living Dead.

Continue reading