Album Review: Kataan — “Kataan” (EP)

If you were dismayed when Vattnet Viskar began their slow dissolution, I have good news. Nicholas Thornbury, one of the creative forces behind that band has teamed up with Brett Boland (Astronoid) for what I can only call an epic success. If you like blackened death metal that’s firing on all cylinders: melodic, engaging, and full of riffs and hooks, then put Kataan’s self-titled EP in your cart immediately. 

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Album Review: Vattnet Viskar – “Settler”


The rapid emergence of Vattnet Viskar has been impressive to the point of unprecedented. Ever since their debut EP in 2012 — which they toured the living hell out of — it was immediately apparent that these post-black metallers out of New Hampshire knew what they wanted to create and how they wanted to deliver it. Blending elements from black metal, doom metal, and everything in between, the band’s developed a uniquely defining sound that is instantly captivating. With their latest full-length, Settler, Vattnet Viskar takes everything we understand about their energy and pushes it to new limits, in turn generating a sonically defining album in their still-young careers.

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