Rainbows in the Dark: Nytt Land — “Ritual: Blood of the West”

Russian group Nytt Land’s body of work tends to evoke frozen images of their Siberian home. Songs echo the icy landscapes of the tundra while vocals from Natalya Pakhalenko mirror the howling wind of a blizzard. Guitars and synths only add to the cold and empty feeling of their songs. Desolate is a word that frequently comes to mind listening to their music. On their new EP Ritual: Blood of the West though, the band changes their sound to visit a different barren landscape, the desert. On this EP, Nytt Land transform a few songs from their album Ritual into more traditional Western European and American song structures without losing their shamanic power.

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CANTO: Serj Tankian, Black Lava, Nytt Land, and More

Three more work days…

  • Looks like we have new material from Serj Tankian on the horizon. A new EP, titled Perplex Cities, will be out on October 21st through Serjical Strike. You can hear “Pop Imperialism” through an immersive AR experience here. And if you get confused, here’s a demo.
  • Italy’s Abhor are streaming Sex Sex Sex (Ceremonia Daemonis Antichristi) a few days ahead of the release date. Since this was one of my favorite black metal projects out of Italy for awhile, I’m taking a moment to share it. Here you go. It’s officially out on the 23rd through Iron Bonehead.
  • If you need a little dark folk in your Monday, check out Nytt Land. Ritual: Blood of the West, the new EP, will be out on November 18th through Napalm Records. “Dark Country. Ritual” is available for streaming here.
  • We’ll close out Monday with some blackened death metal in the form of Black Lava. The music video for “Eye of the Moon” is below, a track taken from Soul Furnace. That album is out on November 25th through Season of Mist.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

CANTO: Suicide Silence, Septicflesh, Korpiklaani, and More


“War berates us. The simplest heartbeat connects us. Rivers all flow into the ocean. I will meet you at the bottom.”

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– cmb