CANTO: This Will Destroy You, Suffocation, ORCumentary, and More


I went for a run today. Like, an outside run. It’s been awhile.

  • Not sure if anyone caught this last night, but one of my favorite bands made their way into a Super Bowl commercial. Specifically, I’m referring to This Will Destroy You and their song “The Mighty Rio Grande”.
  • Suffocation currently has no vocalist, as we are all very much aware… but that’s not gonna stop them! Looks like Ricky Myers might take over those duties and a new album could be on the horizon.
  • While everyone else was miserably watching Maroon 5, I was focusing on the vastly superior halftime show performed by ORCumentary. Just in case you missed it, here ya go.
  • John 5 is always an interesting time. There’s a new album coming out eventually, but more importantly there’s a new song available now called “Crank It – Living With Ghosts”. Dabble, won’t you?

“Ein Bier… bitte.’
– cmb

Album Review: ORCumentary – “Destroy the Dwarves”

orcumentary destroy the dwarves

Orcs hate Dwarves. That’s just a fact. So it’s no surprise that J.R.R. Tolkien themed metal outfit of Orc’s, ORCumentary, chose to title their album Destroy the Dwarves. Be it a fascination with Tolkein or a band grabbing at something kitschy upon which to build their sound, ORCumentary would improve if they spent more time worrying about the music and less time worrying about Tolkien references. The album is a fun listen and fans of keyboard pop like Reggie & The Full Effect will certainly appreciate the catchy keyboard riffs. But, in the end, the campy fun of the album is not enough to overcome shoddy production and near improvisational song-writing.

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