Horns Up’s Best of Q1: Jesse’s List

horns up best of q1

Yearly or seasonal round-ups are useless when they merely rank each record according to the personal taste of the reviewer. However, the end of the quarter does provide us with a perfect opportunity to reflect on a few releases that might have been lost in the sea of information that overflows our minds every day. So here’s a list of releases from Q1 2015 and December 2014—yes, I cheated—that deserve more praise than they’ve ended up getting so far: Continue reading

Album Review: Paganland – “Fatherland”

paganland fatherland

While Ukraine’s Paganland first incarnated as early as 1997, it took the collective many years to show it really meant business. At the time of their initial disbandment in 2007, the band had but a single demo, 1999’s Gods of Golden Circle, to show for their time together. Some years later, the band reunited and marked their territory with the full-length debut, Wind of Freedom, in 2013. The album proved a hidden gem, invoking Ukraine’s wealthy black and folk metal traditions to create an engaging melange of melodic melodrama. Two years after this surprising acte de présence, Paganland are set to release their second full-length. Titled Fatherland, this new set not only proves that the band is here to stay, but also that they’ve little intention of repeating themselves. Continue reading