CANTO: Pangaea, Scardust, Wayfarer, and More

Time for a beer. Not this beer. A different beer.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

Album Review: Ecferus – “Pangaea”

Ecferus - Pangaea

On Pangaea, Ecferus‘ second full length, the band uses adventurous black metal as a narrative to tell the story of planets, destruction and war. Through the use of varying tempo changes and, at times, suffocating atmospheres, the album plays out like a centuries old story passed down through the ages. It’s at times hopeful and others hopeless as the listener can only stand idly by and listen to the anger of the gods manifest itself. Much like the band’s debut Prehistory, creativity and imagination make for an enthralling listen that strays from black metal’s usual tropes. Continue reading