Band Report: Pathogen (Rotting Death Metal from Southeast Asia)


Pathogen is a death metal band hailing from South East Asia, the Philippines. Pathogen is amongst a few metal bands in the area to attain international media coverage, making the band somewhat special.  The band plays old-school death metal with tons of catchy riffs and blast sections.  Some of their prior material, including Blasphemous Communion, are hard to come by, so I’ve chosen to share some of my thoughts on the band’s material that fans can still find at Bandcamp.  Nine Circles fans who want to discover one of Southeast Asia’s best-kept secrets will want to read further.

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Davao City, Philippines: Black/Death Metal Scene, Part I


The international underground scene is proliferate with bands deserving of more media coverage. From Southeast Asia, located in the southern-most island Mindanao, of the Philippines, Davao City has quietly birthed a fertile hotbed of underground black/death/thrash metal. Davao City has been the scene of many metal shows in the Southeast Asian region, including tourstops by the likes of Impiety and Abhorer. It’s about time some of the local bands from this city get some due attention. This article is the first in a series focusing on the Philippine metal scene. Continue reading