Interview: MAKE on Anger, Aggression, and Reinvigoration


By now, NC’s MAKE should be a household name for any metalhead or music lover of a harder inclination. The band’s first two full lengths were heavily steeped in atmospheric doom but with their recently released third album, Pilgrimage Of Loathing, the band is angry and not in the same headspace they were a year ago. They’re angry at the current state of affairs — politically and otherwise — and the resulting sound is one of aggression and abrasiveness. Anyone familiar will be floored initially by the chances they’ve taken here that were necessary to vent and share their unhappiness with as many people as possible. But with an attentive ear this album shows the most growth out of the three and a band that sounds completely reinvigorated and to a point, reinvented. Continue reading

Album Review: MAKE – “Pilgrimage Of Loathing”

Make - Pilgrimage Of Loathing

NC’s MAKE show a fury-filled side yet to be revealed on third full length Pilgrimage Of Loathing. The slow-burn patiently builds and the atmospheric expanse of previous works has been replaced by anger for the state of the world as well as their home state’s government. To be clear, this album is a progression from their last and still has its quieter, reflective moments but they are fewer and farther between. With a wider range of genres displayed, the band’s exploration here pays off in a big way. It’s cerebral and takes time to digest, but is well worth it. Continue reading