Album Review: Skraeckoedlan – “Sagor”


Within all the darkness and seriousness that clouds my periphery on a constant basis, there is, on occasion, a need for a glimmer of light. To fill that void this particular week, I happened across the latest release from Skraeckoedlan. The second full-length from the Swedes, titled Sagor, offers a wide range of psychedelic rock and metal influences, creating an enjoyably blissful listening environment. And with a band name that translates closely to ‘dinosaur’, you know you’re bound to be entertained.

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Album Review: Ufomammut – “Ecate”

ufomammut ecate

Ufomammut‘s just one of those bands that it’s hard not to get excited about. Since their inception in 1999, they’ve been a continuously-evolving beast, getting heavier and heavier with each new release and constantly pushing the boundaries of their psychedelic sludge sound. Even with numerous shape-shifts throughout prog and psychedelia, and a range of releases under their belts—from a single, 45-minute song, to a two-part concept album set— they’ve never strayed from being flat out heavy, and never once sounded stale or regurgitated. And their newest offering, Ecate, only continues that trend. It’s precisely the kind of album Ufomammut fans have been waiting for. Continue reading