The Cheap Audio Man on how he helps others find the highest value hifi, home theater, headphone equipment and much more!

By now, everyone knows that Buke has his mind in many different places and for this episode of The Nine Circles Audio Thing he chats with Randy “The Cheap Audio Man” on how he helps folks like you and me find the best bang for the buck when it comes to hifi, home theater, and headphones which is something we all can use seeing as pricing for the high end stuff is oftentimes out of reach and we all have metal to listen to! They also cover how Buke found the channel and why he’s such a fan, misinformation of the “how to” actually listen to music, decibels and hertz, tons of gear talk (keep your notepads ready), Randy’s background and how he got into doing his YouTube channel, how Randy turned a ton of toys into hifi equipment back in the day, the definition of listener fatigue and what that means for your setup, tons of Metallica talk, and so much more. This is a lengthy but very informative chat so dig in and enjoy!

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