Visions ov Hell: Resurrection Kings – “Who Did You Run To”


Last week, resident doom metal artist turned power metal fiend, Dustin Grooms brought you his review of Resurrection Kings debut self-titled album. This week, Resurrection Kings dropped a video for “Who Did You Run To” off that very album. I can honestly say that I share in Dustin’s enthusiasm for whatever cheesy genre name you want to slap on Resurrection Kings. Born out of members of Dio, Dokken and Black Sabbath, the credentials back up a powerful, gloriously cheesy metal performance. Continue reading

Album Review: Resurrection Kings – “Resurrection Kings”

RESURRECTION_KINGS_COVERBorn out of former members of Dio, The Jason Bonham Band, Dokken, and late-era Black Sabbath, CA-based Resurrection Kings take the stadium-ready songwriting approach of 80s hard rock and combine it with the shred solos of traditional heavy metal, and at times, the vibes of older blues-based rock. At first glance, Resurrection Kings reeks of needless nostalgia, but the album’s production gives it a modern edge that keeps it from sounding like Whitesnake sneaked out of the tomb. The band’s performance and time-tested resolve are what make the album enjoyable, even in its admittedly pompous approach.  Continue reading