Rainbows in the Dark: Richard Thompson – “Still”


Rainbows in the Dark is, somehow, new territory for me. But it isn’t often that I get to discuss my appreciation for folk rock through Nine Circles, and given the gap in the Sunday schedule, I decided now was a good time to cover one of my favorite musicians, Richard Thompson. Full disclosure, this is not a new release, well… not really. Still is Mr. Thompson’s most recent effort, dropping June 29th of last year. However, it wasn’t until I was given this album as a gift this past holiday season that I really sat down and began to appreciate it. And I gotta say, given the fact that Richard Thompson has been consistently active since 1967, it’s an impressive collection that proves he is still one of the masters of the folk rock universe.

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The Nine Circles Podcast: Episode 6 (June 27, 2015)

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The guys ponder whether listening to heavy metal actually makes them calmer, then jump into big news from Iron Maiden and Apple’s new streaming service Apple Music. Plus, new releases from Lindemann and Vanum, and Corey describes his time seeing Slayer in Portland, Maine!

All that and much, much more in Episode 6, so check it out!

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