Interview: Winterherz of Waldgeflüster on “Ruinen”, Nature, and a Full Lineup


Germany’s Waldgeflüster began their journey in 2005 and is the sole creation of Winterherz. Up until 2014 he was the only full time member but that didn’t stop him from creating three full lengths of scathing yet earthy and emotionally charged black metal. With each successive release the band’s sound grew larger in scope and deeper in feel as Winterherz is not content to make the same album twice. Ruinen was released last October and is not only immense in scope but stands as the band’s finest album to date, it found its way onto numerous end of year lists and rightfully so. The way Waldgeflüster successfully marries raw black metal with a modern, melancholic sound and feel is truly second to none. We recently had a chance to talk with Winterherz about the new album, how the full lineup affected dynamics, nature as it relates to this particular band and much more. Find out what he had to say after the jump. Continue reading