Album Review: Black Breath – “Slaves Beyond Death”

black breath slaves beyond death
Artwork by the immortal Paolo Girardi

It’s a fear of every band that they may fall into repetition, becoming slaves to their own formula and sound. Despite the strength of their music, Black Breath were one such band at risk of this; there was only so far their sound could take them. Black Breath are perhaps one of the more popular purveyors of the “Entombed-core” sound, sprinkling blackened thrash and hardcore influences over a base of death’n’roll a la Wolverine Blues-era Entombed. On their latest offering, Slaves Beyond Death, the buzzsaw guitar riffs and blackened thrash sensibilities are still there, but instead of sticking with this death’n’roll-meets-thrash direction, Black breath have honed in on and developed the death metal aspect of their sound to the point that they are practically playing purely death metal on Slaved Beyond Death. Continue reading