Album Review: The Ruins of Beverast — “The Thule Grimoires”

The Ruins of Beverast - Thule Grimoires

A friend of mine, who is not largely into metal, asked me the other day what my favorite metal band was. I gave him my usual evasive, yet largely true, response: this is a question with an answer that changes on a day-to-day basis. I love metal so much and am so passionate about so many bands that it can be hard to even attempt anything in the neighborhood of picking a “favorite.” Yet without a doubt, The Ruins of Beverast are a band that consistently ends up on my short list when I do reckon with this topic. When I think about “favorite” bands, I think about bands whose music sticks with you, bands that cultivate a sound that makes them stand out from others, and The Ruins have, over a storied career, come to a point where their sound is unlike any other I have ever heard. Enter The Thule Grimoires, an album that takes this history of wild creativity and continues to push the limits of what its creator, and metal as a whole, is capable of.

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