Receiving the Evcharist: False Gods and Smuttlabs’ Snaccident

Receiving the Evcharist 2018

Hey all, happy Friday. I’m bringing this wonderful piece of content your way this week because I accidentally stumbled on some delicious local offerings recently that I felt the need to talk about. I’ve been listening to some new music as well… in between repeat listens of the latest from The Ocean and Enslaved. Obviously. Shall we quench our thirsts?

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Drinking With Satan: Drama/Perdition Winds (Split)

drinking with satan

It’s the week before that god-forsaken holiday we call Christmas (irony — top score). We’ve crossed into winter. it’s the final edition of Drinking With Satan in 2015. I’ve been drinking fairly heavily for five hours thanks to another absurd holiday-themed work party and it has been a genuine pain in the ass keeping myself functioning long enough to deal with this tonight. Count yourselves lucky, because I don’t want to be here. That being said, if you take pleasure in other people’s misery, this week’s edition might be more enjoyable to you than most. I wish I cared. Continue reading