Concert Review: Wolves In The Throne Room, 9/26/2016


I had waited a long time to see the Casdia-based legends Wolves In The Throne Room in person. Yet somehow this show fell off my radar over the course of the summer. Had my thirst for this show been quenched, say, three years ago, I may have been a little more amped up for it. No matter, disregarding the curiosity that was Celestite and instead focusing on the recent re-release of Diadem of 12 Stars, I made the trip to Portland with plenty of excitement. It had been awhile since I last attended a black metal show, and what better way to break the slump than with the Weaver brothers? The evening certainly didn’t disappoint. Continue reading

Concert Review: Krigsgrav and Giant of the Mountain (April 8, 2016)

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It goes without saying that the anticipation for Krigsgrav‘s first tour had been steadily building over the last few months. Waves of Degradation, the well-received latest album from the black metallers from Texas had only just dropped on April 1st, and the timing of that was no accident of course. But Krigsgrav have been experimenting with and developing their own black metal sound for the better part of a decade, and having them announce a run of shows in the northeast, where this sound is very much at home, was reason for excitement. Joined by Giant of the Mountain, a death metal trio also from Texas, the stage was set for one hell of debut tour. And based on my experiences on April 8th in Portland, Maine, it was well worth the wait. Disclosure: Falls of Rauros headlined this evening’s show, but I had prior commitments that required an early exit.  Continue reading