Manny’s Magical Genre Guide: Thrash Metal

Scooby_Doo_43493Welcome to the first installment of Manny’s Magical Genre Guide. The idea here is to provide a primer for people that are interested in getting into thrash but haven’t really ever taken the time to get a proper foundation. Through my own history with metal, a bunch of research and talking to some people that are well versed in the subject, I put together this compact genre guide. What it should provide is self-conscious-free learning about metal genres that more people should be aware of. Basically, I do the research and you reap the benefits. In our first installment we are going to hit up Metal’s awesome roots: Thrash.

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Album Review: Speedtrap – “Straight Shooter”

speedtrap straight shooter

Right off the bat Speedtrap has two things going for it. First, they are from Finland. Second, they play speed metal. And, oh yea, that cover. Their blend of Thin Lizzy and Motörhead inspired speed metal combined with their traditional metal influences makes for a completely captivating experience. Whether you own a Camaro or not, this album is sure to force you to throw on a leather jacket, fire up whatever transportation device you own and do whatever version of donuts you are capable of. In short, Straight Shooter is one hell of a fun album. Continue reading