Interview: MAKE on Anger, Aggression, and Reinvigoration


By now, NC’s MAKE should be a household name for any metalhead or music lover of a harder inclination. The band’s first two full lengths were heavily steeped in atmospheric doom but with their recently released third album, Pilgrimage Of Loathing, the band is angry and not in the same headspace they were a year ago. They’re angry at the current state of affairs — politically and otherwise — and the resulting sound is one of aggression and abrasiveness. Anyone familiar will be floored initially by the chances they’ve taken here that were necessary to vent and share their unhappiness with as many people as possible. But with an attentive ear this album shows the most growth out of the three and a band that sounds completely reinvigorated and to a point, reinvented. Continue reading

Concert Review: Dragged Into Sunlight, Primitive Man and MAKE (July 22, 2016)

The Earl Concert Bill

Let me start by saying I’ve never seen Dragged Into Sunlight, Primitive Man or MAKE live. Yes I know, shame on me. But I’ve spent so much time with all three bands’ recorded output that once this show was announced there was no way I was going to miss it, also no excuse to miss it either as it was on a Friday night. So it goes, another outstanding show at the always stellar The Earl in Atlanta, Georgia. It would end up being a marathon in how much aural — and visual — torment one could endure. But man, was it ever a great show. Continue reading

Interview: Make’s Scott Endres and Spencer Lee on “The Golden Veil” and atmospheric doom

Photo Credit: Matthew Brantley

North Carolina trio Make recently dropped their second full-length, The Golden Veil. The sound’s tough to properly classify, but take a doomy core and add in some atmospherics and you get an idea of what they’re working with. With a range of EPs, full-lengths and one terrific Velvet Underground cover to their name since 2010, the band has carved a niche that they truly can call their own. I recently got the chance to ask the band about the new album, the appeal of atmospheric elements in doom metal, and a few other things that were burning in my mind. Here’s what they had to say:  Continue reading

Album Review: Make – “The Golden Veil”

MAKE - The Golden Veil

After a four-year layoff, North Carolina natives Make are back with their second full length The Golden Veil. It’d be all too easy to compare them to bands like Isis and Neurosis here, and it’d also miss the point entirely. The album combines a near-limitless openness, a patient pacing that lets the songs breathe and, of course, an ample dose of pure heaviness. All told, it’s an absolute monster of an atmospheric doom album. Continue reading