Best of 2016 So Far: Tenebrous Kate’s List

It’s clear to all and sundry who follow metal review sites that 2016 has been another bang-up year for extreme music. Hardcore-inflected brutality, slickly produced progressive epics, and mind-bending tech-death journeys have had reviewers swooning with delight. Sure, I’m personally not so much into all of that, but even I have found several outstanding releases in the past six months that have made their way into constant rotation.

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Profile: Tenebrous Kate of Heretical Sexts, etc.

I was going to write a glowing introduction to the one and only Tenebrous Kate. But her bio on her website lays it out pretty well:

“Tenebrous Kate is a New Jersey-based writer and artist whose work explores her longstanding fascination with all things dark, fantastical, and forbidden. She is the editor of the Heretical Sexts micro-publishing imprint and writes for publications including Dirge Magazine, Slutist, and Ultra Violent Magazine. She likes to keep extremely busy, appearing in pop culture variety shows including Kevin Geeks Out, Meet the Lady, and Bonnie and Maude, collaborating on zine and book projects with fabulously smart and talented people, and illustrating posters and shirts for clients that include Spectacle Theater and Porta Nigra.  Love Train for the Tenebrous Empire is her long-running blog. Her interests include psychosexual cult films, downer vibes, basement bars, surrealist and decadent art, and all manner of esoteric nonsense.”

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