Album Review: Profanity — “Fragments of Solace”

It takes a lot of perseverance to remain true to yourself in the music industry.  Most bands dream of the day a major label takes notice and sponsors their wildest dreams, but oftentimes there are unforeseen consequences and caveats that sour the rockstar dream.  It’s not easy, but some bands, like Germany’s Profanity, prefer the “DIY or Die” route.  While it’s an awful lot more uncertain, the payoffs are totally worth it.  Their latest offering, Fragments of Solace, showcases that the creative fire is still burning strong, as is their strong work ethic and commitment to staying underground.

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Throwback Thursday: Suffocation – “Pierced From Within”

SUFFOCATION-Pierced-from-Within-LP-BLACKPierced from Within is a continuation of Suffocation’s streak of death metal classics, but was also a huge leap forward for the band. From a creative and influential standpoint, the band had long since made its mark with 1991’s Effigy of the Forgotten, and if they broke up after this they would still have the legacy of a foundational death metal act (after all, Carnage only released one album and are rightly hailed as important as well). But this record, released in 1995, saw the band achieve an even higher level of greatness in terms of songwriting and production. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Suffocation – “Effigy Of The Forgotten”


It’s time once again to kick the dust off of an old favorite and for this week’s Throwback Thursday. Today we take a look at Suffocation‘s full length debut Effigy of the Forgotten. Consequently this seminal album turns 24 this month — with that, I feel old. During a booming time for death metal this five piece from New York created an album that would go on to be a landmark release along with being an inspiration for so many bands in its wake.

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