Retrospective: Mournful Congregation – “The Monad of Creation”


More than anything, I’ve always known music to be a healing force: Music has helped me accept and cope with loss, anxiety, and tragedy at any given time in my life and has been the glue that held fragile me together when adversity reared its head. There are certain songs or albums that I find it difficult to return to at times because of the memories they pull back to the surface, and others yet that continue to gain new meaning upon subsequent listens during changing circumstances. Then there are albums that seem to root themselves in my cortex and are there no matter the changes that life brings or the passing of seasons; they become so infused into how I listen to music that they become, whether consciously or subconsciously, the standard by which I judge other pieces of music. Mournful Congregation‘s 2005 album The Monad of Creation falls into this category, and aside from that, may well be the textbook as well as the modus operandi album for doom metal in the 21st century. Continue reading