2016 – ‘The Score So Far’ by Jesse

This year in metal got off to a bit of a slow start for me, with the first two months not offering anything that I care to remember for this feature. Then, the ball got rolling, and now that we’re closing in on July, there’s enough good stuff to craft my two cents out of. Continue reading

Album Review: Forteresse – “Thèmes Pour La Rébellion”

Forteresse - Thèmes Pour la Rébellion cover

With Thèmes Pour la Rébellion, Forteresse offer yet more proof that Quebeckers craft the finest black metal in North America. Fans of Forteresse will be well aware that their new album coincides with the ten-year anniversary of the band’s most famous release to date: Métal Noir Québécois. Thèmes Pour la Rébellion reveals that, over the past decade, Forteresse have evolved only in subtle manners, merely tweaking the particulars while leaving their core fabric and artistic essence in tact. This conservative approach would reek of stagnation in the hands of lesser artists, but Forteresse can afford to stick to what works. Continue reading