WAKE’s Ryan Kennedy on “Thought Form Descent” and much more!

What is there to say about Canada’s WAKE that hasn’t already been said? Since forming in 2009 they’ve positioned themselves as a frontrunner in the grind game and now with their sixth full length, Thought Form Descent, they’re shedding skin and growing new. Simply meaning, grindcore isn’t the only tool in their box anymore. It’s a cavalcade of extreme with lighter shades of gray that proves the band hit the nail on the head in their attempt to say that heavy and brutal doesn’t necessarily mean chainsawing through an album at light speed. It’s more nuanced, mature beyond its years, and shows a band fully open to growing without borders. Buke sat down with Ryan Kennedy for an insanely wide ranging discussion surrounding the new album and we now bring you this conversation in its entirety so grab your beverage of choice, a seat, and enjoy. 

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Album Review: Wake — “Thought Form Descent”

Wake - Thought Form Descent

If you don’t think that Canada’s Wake are one of the most exciting bands going in metal right now, you haven’t been paying attention. From humble beginnings in the hardcore punk and grindcore scene, to ferocious blackened death metal, to blowing the doors off of formulae entirely on the immense and captivating Devouring Ruin and Confluence EP, every album this band puts out is a masterclass in artistic growth, and their latest and first for major label Metal Blade Records, Thought Form Descent, might just be my favorite thing they’ve put out yet.

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