CANTO: Rammstein, Eluveitie, Fulci, and More

rammstein 2020

“Right here by my feverish side, the ghosts of those I loved. Gone is the cruelest longing now, undone this grief of mine.”

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– cmb

Stygian Imagery: Morbid Tales! A Tribute to Celtic Frost


I have a very complicated relationship with didactic comics. Sure, nowadays there are a million achingly earnest cartoons circulating on Tumblr instructing the reader in the head-spinning nuances of contemporary identity politics, but the history of using comics to teach is as old as the comics medium itself. For example, in the 20th Century, comics were used to warn military men about the dangers of STDs and to teach children in India how to behave by using hilariously grisly imagery. Didactic comics want you to think learning can be super-fun because comics can be super-fun! But let’s face it–most of these kinds of comics are using a sugary coating to get us to swallow some otherwise unpalatable social engineering pill. Hey, guess what poster-making people? I’ll leave banana peels all over the goddamn place and slip if I want to because I’m grown-ass woman and I do what I want and there is NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT.

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Yelphammer, Epistle VIII: Chili’s, Jersey City

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In Which Sweet Torment Taints Tom G. Warrior’s Chili’s Dr. Pepper-Glazed BBQ Ribs Experience… Continue reading

Yelphammer, Epistle VII: Heini der Clown, Währing, Wien, Austria

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