Initial Descent: March 12 – 18, 2023

Night Goat
Image courtesy of Howard Sumner

New week. New tunes. Even though Monday’s don’t mean all this is out and ready for consumption, it does mean you get a front row seat for a ton of preorders. So, be thankful. Or not, the choice is yours. We’ll keep plastering them here every week and you do as you will. This week’s batch features Night Goat front and center and I’m telling you now, if you’ve never caught this band live you are missing out so at least do yourself a favor and grab their new slab of death rock, thank us later. Moving on we’ve got heavy metal from Night Demon (seems like we’ve been anticipating this thing forever…just me?), post-black metal from Downfall of Gaia, and a healthy mixture of black and death metal from Úlfúð. That’s a heavy hitting top four, but there’s a ton more hiding out below so happy hunting and we’ll see you here throughout the week.

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