CANTO: The Ocean, Dragony, Bongzilla, and More

Today was a weird one, not gonna lie.

  • Urlo, most known for work through Ufommamut, has announced the second LP from solo project The Mon. Eye is out on May 26 through through Supernatural Cat. Give “Where” a watch and listen at this location.
  • How about some Austrian symphonic power metal? Dragony revealed a previously unreleased digital single through Napalm Records titled “The Dead Queen’s Race”, the lyric video of which can be seen here. That marks the farewell to 2021’s Viribus Unitis, so we’ll see what else 2023 brings.
  • Bongzilla are releasing their sixth studio full-length on June 2 through Heavy Psych Sounds, titled Dab City. Check out the first track, “Hippie Stick”, over at Decibel.
  • Ara Solis have set the release date for their debut. Ashvatta will be out on May 19 through Iron Bonehead Productions, and you can hear “Ara Solis” over at the label’s Soundcloud.
  • Since we’re continuing our march towards the release of Holocene, I’m happy to wrap up the day with the new video from The Ocean. Check out the clip for “Sea of Reeds” below, directed by Lo!’s Adrian Shapiro. That album is out May 19 through Pelagic Records. Obviously.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

Ufomammut on new album “Fenice,” intense passion for art, and so much more!

Image courtesy of Francesca De Franceschi Manzoni

On their ninth full length album, FeniceUfomammut are all about the finesse of their already well established and powerful, psychedelic doom metal. They continue to push their own boundaries and move the bar even higher for any band trying to chase them. And let’s face it, plenty have since Ufomammut have influenced countless others along the way. Just ahead of the album’s release, Buke sat down with PoiaUrlo, and Levre for an in depth discussion surrounding the new album and how it came to be, band history and how they eventually landed on their signature sound, using synthesizer, their intense passion for art as well as a discussion on album art, how hard Covid hit Italy and how they all handled it, how it was for Levre to join an already established band, and so much more. We now present that conversation to you in its entirety so grab your drink of choice, a chair, and enjoy. 

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Interview: Ufomammut on 8, the Importance of Home and Creative Energy

Ufomammut co Malleus
Ufomammut – pic courtesy of Malleus

A little over a month ago, Italy’s Ufomammut released their aptly titled eighth full length album 8, covered here, which continues to garner a hefty slab of my attention. So much so that I truly believe it is an absolute ‘must hear.’ Each album from this band is another step on an ever expanding journey: from the bulky weight of Godlike Snake to the experimentation of Oro to the forward thinking doom of Eve, Ufomammut continue to push their own sonic boundaries and find ways to make each note resonate more than the last. Plus, they’ve been together so long now that when performing together they seem telepathically linked and able to bend sound to their will. We recently had the opportunity to ask the band a few questions about 8, the importance of home and their creative energy — among other things — so head inside to see what they had to say. Continue reading

Album Review: Ufomammut – “8”

Ufomammut - 8

This far along, a band like Ufomammut needs no introduction. Their brand of psychedelic space doom ladened with crushing heaviness has been building steam since 1999. With their latest full length 8, this trio displays why they have been top tier for as long as they have. Doom, stoner and sludge can all be marred by try-hards, repetition and messy production but Ufomammut have, since their inception, been forward thinkers and extremely great songwriters which helps keep their material not only fresh but fully engaging. 18 years on, 8 is another letter perfect example of this. Continue reading

Album Review: Ufomammut – “Ecate”

ufomammut ecate

Ufomammut‘s just one of those bands that it’s hard not to get excited about. Since their inception in 1999, they’ve been a continuously-evolving beast, getting heavier and heavier with each new release and constantly pushing the boundaries of their psychedelic sludge sound. Even with numerous shape-shifts throughout prog and psychedelia, and a range of releases under their belts—from a single, 45-minute song, to a two-part concept album set— they’ve never strayed from being flat out heavy, and never once sounded stale or regurgitated. And their newest offering, Ecate, only continues that trend. It’s precisely the kind of album Ufomammut fans have been waiting for. Continue reading