Album Review: Armagh – “Venomous Frost”

Fans who thirst for 80’s and early 90’s metal might be thrilled to take a listen to Third Eye Temple’s latest release care of Polish newcomers, Armagh, and their first demo, the aptly-titled Venomous Frost.

Merging primitive, early black metal tremolo riffs with raw, catchy heavy metal riffs in the vein of early Swedish black/death metallers Necrophobic, Armagh shows a lot of promise on Venomous Frost. The band hardly blasts for long, playing a large dose of mid-tempo heavy metal paired with well-done black metal raspy singing that help fans recall a time in black metal history when the scene initially began taking shape, before bands like Emperor and Dissection added heavy doses of tremolo picking, melody and orchestral touches to what would eventually be known as second wave black metal in the mid-nineties. Continue reading