Initial Descent: December 22 – 28, 2019


As we slowly kick 2019 to the curb and look ahead to 2020, there’s one thing to NOT do and that’s making a New Years resolution. If you want to be better, do it. If you want to be healthier, do it. If you want to be drunker, do it. Whatever your aspirations are, just do it. Resolutions are for one thing and one thing only: to be broken and forgotten about by the end of January. Ok, ok, I know you didn’t come here for a pep talk and we do have a very abbreviated list of new metal so we’ll do that instead. South American death metal is generally some barbaric stuff and Verthebral doesn’t disappoint on their sophomore outing, and how about some bestial metal to end the year with? Goatblood have you covered with their third full length of war, blood, and gore. Not much below but still, there’s a few worth checking out. Continue reading