Initial Descent: September 3 – 10, 2016


First off, happy weekend. Second, it’s Saturday and I’m sure you thought we weren’t running Initial Descent. Well, fooled you. If you have an opinion regarding this running on Saturday let us know in the comments otherwise let’s get on with it. Another week and another list of metal for you to check out; death metallers Colosso are back with their third full length Obnoxious, Divebomb Records is releasing Bewitcher‘s Self-Titled debut on CD format, Tardive Dyskinesia gets crazy with Harmonic Confusion and of course Devin Townsend Project return with Transcendence. But wait, there’s so much more, click that “continue reading” link. Continue reading

Album Review: Bait – “Sunburst”

Bait - Sunburst

Dark atmosphere and destructive energy is what Germany’s Bait have to offer on their second full length Sunburst. Officially tagged as blackened hardcore it wouldn’t surprise anyone that it’s a bruising listen, much like its predecessor was. However for this outing the tough as nails hardcore that ruled the bands debut Cursed Among Saints takes a backseat to the methodically slower and subsequently darker side sparingly explored previously. At first it’s unexpectedly compelling but repeat spins prove it to be slightly overused. Continue reading