Blood Red: Hooptober 8.0 is Here to Pull You Out of The Pumpkin(head) Patch

Hey, we all thought we’d be in a better place after the shitbucket year that was 2020, amiright? Well, looks like delta variants and Taliban takeovers and our previous president spending 9/11 doing PPV boxing commentary, 2021 ain’t shaping up to be much better. Good thing we have another year of mayhem and carnage in the shape of horror movies to slack your thirst for blood, vengeance, ghouls and goblins.

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Chaos is Me: April 2021

Welcome back to Chaos is Me, your favorite monthly column for all things screamo. We will be taking a look at my favorite albums from April, from Canada to Colombia and even more far-off lands. Let’s dive in.

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Chaos is Me: February and March 2021

dreamwell band

Welcome back to another edition of Chaos is Me. I am once again behind on getting this column out on time, but life is what life is. We pick ourselves back up and keep trying. The important thing is that this column contains some of my favorite screamo released this year so far, and perhaps even a few gems that might end up on a year-end list. If that sounds of interest to you, then read on below.

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